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Metalwork for jewellery

We have always made metal objects and parts for the jewellery industry.

We normally create the casting with waxes provided by our customers, who send or deliver them to us for microcasting. Or they send us an STL file that we use to make 3D prints of the resins, which we then melt.

When we are commissioned with a custom-made product to produce with the metal microcasting technique, we only use the most well-known and renowned precious metals, such as gold, platinum, titanium, and silver.

We create an extremely wide range of products, from the most complex and varied forms of jewellery to fashion items.

Metalwork for goldsmithing

Goldsmithing is our past, present and future.

Coming from solid gold traditions, we have also developed our processes to be used on metals that are an alternative to the classics, such as titanium, black titanium and steel.

Metal parts for eyewear

The processing of metals for eyewear parts is mainly aimed at components for metal glass frames, or accessories for glasses (temples, end pieces, nose bridges), mostly made of titanium or steel.

Prostheses for implantology and dentistry

For us, the medical device industry is fundamental. We create resistant prostheses for both implantology and dentistry.

The most used materials for these processes are titanium and cobalt chrome. They are particularly hard and resistant to corrosion, and are therefore ideal for pins, dental plates and prostheses (tibia, knee, hip implants, etc.).

Titanium is also biocompatible.

Metal components for promotional products

In an increasingly competitive and hungry business ecosystem, the promotional products industry has also undergone significant developments.

That’s why we can make any kind of promotional product with your favourite metal.

The most common products are made of brass, zamak and silver, all materials with high visual impact, which elicits an emotional reaction in those who receive them as a gift.

Artistic metalworking – sculptures

We also create artistic sculptures, whether it be the entire piece or just small details and/or parts.

This takes us back to the origins of lost wax microcasting, dedicating ourselves to the sculptural art that characterised the ancient Greek and Roman populations.

Whether it’s a small object or a trophy, art has no limits.

Metalworking for model

The items we make for the model industry are mostly in brass, zamak and alloys.

We give shape to all the components related to metal details, such as handles for vintage cars, figureheads and decorations for naval ships, anchors, rudders, coats of arms, propellers, and various inserts.

We make components that are precise down to the very last detail, meaning that every single reproduction is faithful to the original.

Metal details for furniture and antique watches

When restoring antique furniture and watches, or having simply lost or damaged their metal components, it is often difficult to find spare parts.

We make bronze or brass coats of arms, or details to be applied to antique or Arte Povera furniture.

This is why we microcast metals for the realisation of those small details, so that you can give new life or a new image to your furniture or furnishing accessories.

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