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A History of Metalworking

Titanlux is part of an over 100-year tradition in metalworking.

The company was founded thanks to knowledge being passed down from father to son, with the wisdom and skill in the classic workmanship of master goldsmiths handed down from generation to generation. This is why Titanlux mainly specialises in the lost wax microcasting of all precious and non-precious metals.

The production of items deriving from metalworking is gradually expanding, making room for new technologies and new industries to supply. This is why Titanlux introduces its customers to companies from the most varied industries.

Thanks to our team, which boasts over forty years of experience, we are now proud to be able to offer not only a finished product, but also the skill and dexterity of those who know their craft.

We are dedicated – as we always have been – to our historical industries, but we have also opened up to many different areas, including hobby models, fashion accessories, artistic sculptures, promotional products, industry, and, above all, the medical device industry. The latter evolves particularly quickly, requiring increasingly more complex, resistant, lightweight and customised prostheses, which we produce down to the smallest detail.

How do we work?

Currently our process starts with melting the waxes you provide us with, or which we prepare based on your design and then create with our 3D printer.

To ensure maximum results, we can make modifications and adjustments at any stage of the process, so as to refine and improve your finished product. Based on your needs, you can choose any material, or more than one type, and we will produce a “raw” product and, on request, also finish it.

Titanlux today

After many years in business, we can safely say that we are extremely happy with our achievements, and this is also thanks to you and the trust you have in us. Each and every one of our customers, from the hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses to large, well-known companies, has been and still is fundamental in our metalworking journey.

Nevertheless, we will never stop improving and refining our techniques for processing and producing metal items and parts.

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